A Sweet Blog By Ivy Harris

> > ABOUT ME < <
Before I graduated college, I started my first business creating wedding cakes.  I was 20 years old.

I'm a self taught pastry chef with no training of any kind.

My degree is in graphic design and marketing.

I was published in the Knot Weddings Magazine as well as Richmond Bridal Magazine for my cakes and shop.

I was featured in a segmeant for  Richmond, VA local businesses NBC12.

I only eat the bottoms of cupcakes. The tops creep me out.

I'm addicted to the color aqua and while creating this blog I realized that I had made the colors black and pink. RARE!

I live in one of the most magcial places on Earth! A.K.A Disney World!!! Yep- I actually live behind Cinderella's castle and get to see those beautiful fireworks each night! 

I'm a mom to an awesome boy and a few cats.

I was told I had celiac disease for years so I made the change to gluten-fee. Only to be re-diagnosed and told I didn't have celiac disease... I still LOVE and eat gluten-free!